Reminiscing About Spring Break

After having completed my two week spring break around Europe, I have come back into reality after discovering that dreams can come true. For my spring break, I traveled to London and Paris, two cities I have wanted to visit since I was young. I have always dreamed of traveling to Paris and tasting different pastries and foods because I want to have my own bakery when I grow up. I have always wanted to taste authentic French pastries, which was a success. I had always envisioned traveling to London because that is where my mom had studied abroad. My favorite part here was recreating the same pictures that she had taken there when she was my same age. In addition, the authentic fish and chips were perfect. One of my Salve roommates who is studying abroad in Ireland had spring break at the same time so we spent our time together in London exploring and catching up from being apart for the past four months. At first, I was nervous about how much this trip was going to cost, but from saving up form before Study Abroad and not taking extensive trips during the semester, I was at ease because I knew that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel Europe for spring break because I am already here. Upon returning to my apartment, I had realized that my dreams of seeing London, Stonehenge, Paris, and the countryside returning back to San Sebastian were all fulfilled. My advice would be to take those opportunities to go to those few special places that will fulfill elementary school dreams.

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