Well Bocas del did not disappoint. Well done, well done. Everything- the bus/boat ride there, the hostel, the beaches, and most importantly the people- everything was amazing. So amazing that instead of going home Tuesday like I was supposed to, I stayed until and got home late last night. Unreal, definitely recommend that people stop there if you are ever casually in the area- you won’t regret it! I went to a couple beaches, we had to take a boat ride to every beach which may have been my favorite part, loved those. Went on a dolphin tour and saw a handful of them!! Good stuff. Then we went snorkeling which was very fun. I can’t believe I have already gone and am back. I seriously love Latin America I never want to am I down to my last week. I don’t do it often, but I have teared up a bit about leaving a couple times. I guess that just means that I really have had the time of my life and will always have these three months with me forever. I have never been so overly satisfied with a decision to study abroad, and to come here in my life. Costa Rica will always be my home in my heart. Going to miss everything about it.

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