On my Way!

I decided to study in Lyon because it is outside of the Study Abroad Bubble. I had to choose between Paris and Lyon. I chose Lyon because it is a smaller city where I would be more immersed in French culture. Paris is an international city filled with tourists from around the world. To truly experience French culture I knew Lyon was the place for me. I chose to study abroad for a semester because I want to get out of my comfort zone. My major, Global Business and Economics, is based on international affairs and I will have the ability to be around many other countries and learn about their economics. I have always been interested in current events both in the United States but also around the world. To have the opportunity to study in Europe and learn about their economy as a whole and the individual countries is a dream come too. It is different from reading it in the news to experiencing it firsthand.  For example I have read articles over the past few months about the strength of the euro compared to the dollar. While in France I will talk to people about this growing problem. I will also have a personal perspective on the topic because I will be using euros as well. Overall I am traveling to the middle of Europe where I will be surrounded by new cultures and increasingly interesting people who will help me understand the world.

The first thing I am looking forward to is the food. Lyon is the gastronomical center of the world and I have heard nothing but great comments about the cuisine. I will definitely be out of my comfort zone when it comes to trying food, maybe even frog legs?

The second thing I am looking forward to is learning the language. I have studied French since the sixth grade and fallen in love with this romantic language. I cannot wait to speak it every day and hear it all around me at markets, parks and at home. Lyon was my first choice to study abroad to become completely immersed in the language.

The third thing I am looking forward to is traveling. Lyon is such a centrally located city and it is very easy to travel by train in and out of Lyon. That being said I have made a list of places I hope to visit including Paris, Nice, Bordeaux, Prague, Rome, and Lisbon. I know this list is going to change but it is a starting block for my adventures abroad.

The fourth thing I am looking forward to is the people. All my life I have lived in a small suburb of NYC and then once I moved on to Salve Regina many people consider it a “bubble”. Well guess what I am officially leaving the “bubble” and going to meet new people. I cannot wait to hear stories and talk with unique individuals. People have distinctive characteristics that makes each person their own and I cannot wait to learn more about this.

While studying abroad in Lyon I decided to live with a host family. At first I was nervous about my placement because I have heard both good and bad things about host families. Today I can tell you that the family seems like the perfect fit for me.  I am looking forward to the upcoming semester in Lyon living with my host family and studying in the ESDES School of Management international business program.

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