Less than a month

I cannot believe that I already have less than a month left. It’s incredibly bittersweet for me. As much as I miss my friends and especially my family at home, I’m just finally starting to feel adjusted and comfortable here. But I know I am so lucky to be doing the things I’m doing and to still have time left!

These past couple of weeks I have done a lot since my last post. I went to Geneva for the day and got to try Swiss chocolate which was amazing and I got to take a tour of the United Nations building which was so interesting, definitely a must see. We only stayed a day there because it was so expensive! However, it was very pretty and you could definitely see the French influence there.


United Nations

I also was able to attend a play called “L’ecole des femmes” by Moliere at the beautiful Threatre Celestins in Lyon. My literature class all went together which was a lot of fun and such a great cultural experience.


The following weekend Shannon and I went to an Olympique Lyonnais soccer game which was also so much fun and another great cultural experience since it is not that common in the States!


The weather has also started to be BEAUTIFUL here. It’s been sunny and in the 70’s! I’m actually sun burnt right now but I can’t complain too much 🙂 Here’s just a picture I took of La Soane on a walk that I went on.


This past weekend Shannon and I went to Marseille, France for the day. This was definitely a whole other experience. Since Marseille is on the southern coast of France is it heavily influenced by African and surprisingly Middle Eastern countries. This also means there are a lot of immigrants and when I say a lot I mean almost the whole city. I was not as comfortable in Marseille as I have been other places, however, the center of the city at the port was beautiful and much for comfortable since it was touristy and Notre Dame de la Garde was absolutely breathtaking and made it all worth it. (And yes if my parents are reading I did walk all the way up the hill!)  Here is the view from the top:


Also this past weekend (Sunday to today) I was able to go with my host family to their house in the French country (Trambly, France)! It was so beautiful. It was so green and so many rolling hills and farms. Yesterday, my host mom took me to see a castle in a couple of towns over from where we were. It was incredible and very interesting because it was actually bought my three people in 1980 for 1 million francs at the time and they completely restored it and now is open to take tours! Going to the country was especially great for me because I’m used to being in the country and that’s what I know and love. It was great to get a peaceful nights sleep. I even got to take a nap in the sun today! (hence why I’m sun burnt)


Chateau de Cormatin



Now I am back in Lyon and excited for my next two weeks because I’m on vacation! France is definitely the country of vacations! This first week I will be working and trying to get some studying in before exams since I will be in Paris right before them and next week I will be visiting all of my cousins in Norway which I am beyond excited for and I know my mom is extremely jealous! I know I’m extremely lucky to be able to write about all of these great trips I have went on and even more lucky that it’s not over yet 🙂

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