Hit the Halfway Point

Mid March marked the halfway point of my time here in Spain for Study Abroad. Sometimes it feels like time is flying and other times it feels like it is taking forever to return to America. What I can suggest to make this experience feel even more like home is find people who you really connect to. For me, it was having my Salve roommate of the past 3 years come and visit me for the weekend in San Sebastian during her study abroad experience in Barcelona. Having her here, even for the weekend, made time go incredibly fast, I didn’t want it to end. Sometimes, in the midst of the semester, when it feels like you left your house forever ago but still won’t be home for a while longer, that is one of the most important times during this experience to find something familiar to yourself. It can be hanging out with a familiar face like a friend or family member, to doing a favorite and memorable activity, like going to the beach or eating a familiar food. All I can say is that as soon as you know it, it will be Spring Break, where you can relax and have time speed by faster in order to be on your way home.

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