Go See For Yourself

As I am in my second month abroad here in San Sebastian, Spain, a recurring idea I keep having is that I have to be traveling in all my free time. Everyone is planning trips for every weekend to various parts of Europe, leaving right after a Friday class only to return on Sunday evening, just in time for homework. I started to worry that I hadn’t been to any major city yet. But then I realized that it’s okay to explore smaller, lesser known cities, especially in the same country you are studying abroad in. With my program, we go on excursions to places most of us had never heard of and probably would not have gone to on our own. Take advantage of these opportunities, because some of the most interesting historical places aren’t the most well-known. Traveling to other countries and big cities is great too, but if you have the chance to explore another town very close to you, I advise doing so. These trips will be so memorable, so go see for yourself.

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