El Primer Día En Costa Rica

After a tiring 8 hours of traveling I finally reached my new home of San Jose, Costa Rica. My favorite part about this country, so far, has got to be the mountains. The whole town is surrounded by them. My house mother, mi mamatica, is very friendly and hospitable. However, she does not speak any english. I didn’t realize how hard the language barrier was going to be. However, this morning I realized that I can understand much more than I can speak; Mamatica agrees. She says that in just 15 days, I will basically be able to understand almost everything she says and my spanish speaking skills will improve within the next month because of my intensive Spanish class.

Last night I went out with Mamatica’s daughter, Ingrid, and her husband, who showed us some local bars and restaurants. Most of the places here do take American money, which is convenient. The people here are very nice. Ingrid’s husband speaks English very well, which was nice because my brain was tired from translating all day long. I’m sorry to cut this short, but I am off to orientation.

Hasta Luego!!


(Al final de mi calle)



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