Costa Rica Here We Come. Week One Done!

I know I’ve been a little late posting this week. So here it is! When I woke up this morning I saw a post from one of my study abroad friends, Oleg Chuchin (NJ), who has described our study abroad experience so far as:

“Studying Abroad can get quite difficult. One must figure out how to balance: Learning the language, classes, class work, socializing with classmates, socializing with locals, socializing/working with home-stay family, nightlife, exploring the city, exploring the country, excursions/trips, gym, locating and purchasing necessities, errands, self-maintenance, gathering of information, school forms/errands, personal problems, keeping contact with those at home. All while settling into a new “world”.”

I couldn’t have summed up this week any better! It’s been an adventure for sure and it sort of felt like I was starting freshman year again. AKA a lot of adjusting. Throughout the week, we have all found our place. My spanish is improving, I’m making friends, my housemate is awesome, my mamatica is even more awesome, and I finally figured out my Spanish Class! When studying abroad I would give one piece of advice, even though it sounds really cliché, “Follow your gut instincts and be yourself, the pieces will fall into place.” Oh an also…..



Hasta Luego!


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