Avignon et Toulouse

Two weekends ago I took a day trip to Avignon, France which is almost on the southern coast. It was absolutely beautiful! It reminded me a lot of Italy because of architecture. My friend Christina and I just walked around and ended up finding a huge indoor market called Halle where we got to see a cooking demonstration which was so much fun!Then we went to the Le Palais des Papes (The Popes’ Palace) which used to be the home of the French pope when there was one it Italy and in France. It was enormous and so beautiful; it took us two hours to get through the whole palace! I was so surprised you could actually walk through most of the palace. It was definitely a once in a life time experience!


Cooking demonstration


Le Palais des Papes

On the following Thursday I had the pleasure of seeing Jamie and Corinne who flew in from Sevilla! I met up with them and Shannon also for lunch and then to do some touristy things. It was great getting to show them around Lyon and showing them typical French things. Spending Thursday and Friday with all of them was so much fun but I had to leave for Toulouse on Saturday morning which was bitter sweet because I wasn’t ready to say goodbye yet! It’s really nice to make new friends and meet new people but there is nothing like being with your friends that you already know and love!


First time at a french cafe for Jamie and Corinne!

This year was my first year not spending Easter with my family and sadly not getting an Easter basket when I woke up (yes, we still get those!) But I was so grateful that I was able to spend it in Toulouse, France where I got to reunite with my exchange sister from when I was in 9th grade. She and her class visited my high school for ten days. We have kept in contact through Facebook but last weekend was the first time I had even spoken to her in person in over six years! It was so much fun and her family was incredibly welcoming. Even though we have certainly grown up and changed how we look, seeing her was like things had never changed, we just click! We had such a fun weekend and I’m so glad I was able to see her while I was in France.


It so great to be able to see different parts of France and really be immersed in the culture. I’m learning so much slang which is good so I don’t sound like such a proper speaking French youth anymore 🙂 I just bought my ticket to Geneva, Switzerland for this Saturday (it’s close enough just to go for the day) and I can’t wait to see another country! I haven’t been disappointed yet!






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