Apocalypse Arcade in Tokyo

In Japan, there is a week which consists of holidays nearly every day. It’s known as “Golden Week” and, fortunately for me, there is no school for the whole week. This week-long vacation provided the perfect opportunity to head up to Tokyo.

Tokyo is easily one of the most amazing cities in the world. My friend and I were awed by the street lights, massive malls, beautiful temples, and lively festivals. There are so many fun and exciting things to do in Tokyo. However, my favorite part of the trips without question was the Apocalypse themed arcade known as Anata no Warehouse.

Gaming culture is massive in Japan. Nowhere is that more evident than in Tokyo, where there seems to be an arcade on every street. Anata no Warehouse, located in Kawasaki, is a apocalyptic replica of an old Chinese town. Each of the four levels in this massive arcade has a different theme. The entrance level provides a spooky abandoned feel, the first floor has a gross zombie-esque vibe, the second floor is full of gambling and smoking reminiscent of a slumlord penthouse, the third floor is disturbingly serene with a red-lit ancient greek fountain and dark elaborate fireplaces, and the members-only exclusive fourth floor has an odd illuminati vibe.

Access into the arcade is free and most games cost around 100 yen per play. There is definitely a range in the dedication of gamers who come to this arcade. Some players were having fun dancing their hearts out in Dance Dance Revolution while others spent all day live-streaming their winning streaks. We spent hours here enjoying the games, admiring the spooky atmosphere, and watching others play. Definitely worth the trip if you’re ever in Tokyo.   

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