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La Huelga

Uf! The huelga (strike) of the trash collectors in Sevilla just ended a few days ago. This was a major event that was a major event that was occurring here since I arrived a couple weeks ago, and the smell from the trash was getting to be difficult. However, the strike is now over and […]

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Deux semaines!

Tomorrow will be exactly two weeks since I have left for France. It’s crazy how fast it is going by but I also feel like I’ve been here for months. I’m in love with this city and am starting to assimilate more and more each day. My French is steadily improving, especially my oral French […]

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Je suis arrivée!

Today I arrived in Paris, France for my three and a half month long semester abroad. It is hard to believe I am upwards of 3,000 miles from home and residing in a historically famous, culturally rich, world renowned city. I am so incredibly fortunate. My journey here was smooth, I took an evening flight […]

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Una Semana

It hasn’t even been una semana yet and a mi me encanta la ciudad de Sevilla y los Sevillanos. The culture of Sevilla, España is warm, welcoming, very energetic, yet also carefree all at the same time. I moved in with my Señora (my adoptive mom for the tres meses I am here) last Thursday […]

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Un mes

Today marks one month that I have been here..loco!!!!! Tiempo vuela! But really what? I have not blogged for 10 ten days which is not a long time but I have definitely done quite a bit in diez Dias! Lets see, two weekends ago a group of us fuis a el coffee plantation, el volcan […]

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Jour numero trois!

There is so much to say from only being here such a short time! I have learned so many things. It’s crazy how when you speak another language enough you start to think completely in it. I’m even translating this post into French in my head without trying to. My host family is so nice! […]

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Bonjour Lyon!

I am happy to say that I successfully navigated myself to Lyon, France all on my own with luckily a total delay time of only 45 minutes. I flew from Bradley (“Hartford”) to Philadelphia on the smallest plane known to man (we had to put our carry ons with the rest of the luggage because the overhead […]

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Three days and counting

It is a bizarre feeling to know that you are about to leave for France for four months in three days. I just spent my last weekend at Salve visiting my friends until next semester. I won’t be able to cross the Newport Bridge again until June (a sight I have to say that I […]

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