Wishing to Slow Down Time

Four months later… I can now say that I have two homes across the world from one another, friends scattered across the United States, and countless memories. I have experienced greater things that I could have imagined, but the most life-changing of all is the self that I am left with at the end. Over traveling to ten countries in the last sixteen weeks, the life skills that I have learned have changed who I am for the better.

Through daily living, even the most basic of skills have taught me the most intricate lessons. I feel confident now that I will be able to handle anything that comes across my path. The way that I have been able to navigate these challenges has proven to all those in my life, but especially to myself, that I am more capable than I have ever expected myself to be when it comes to strategically finding solutions.

I feel beyond thankful to have indulged in countless moments of cultural immersion in ways that not everyone can. All I wish for is that time slows down. I have established relationships with the most genuine people, engaging in deep conversations and gaining an understanding of how more alike we all are than different. I have worked as a team player to navigate countries that were foreign to me and bonded with others through the simple exchange of words. All I have become, I will always give recognition to my study abroad experience.

Although my heart breaks to leave a space that I worked tirelessly to make my home; the place that changed who I was all in all; the place that continued giving me a chance; the place that made me work towards achieving comfort; I feel ready to take on the remainder of my future knowing that I will continue my journey will numerous new skills in my belt. Thank you Rome, and most of all, thank you Salve Regina Study Abroad.

Annalese G. is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Dance at Salve Regina University. She is currently studying abroad at the American University of Rome in Rome, Italy. 

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