We Out Here!

Let’s see. I feel kind of crazy having my own blog, it’s kind of like a Gossip Girl moment, but instead of all the drama it’s me going off about my study abroad experience. I am currently in London, England, and I just got back from a weekend away with my program (CIEE). We went to see the Salisbury Cathedral, the Roman Baths, and Stonehenge, all of which were mind-blowing and super pretty to be honest.

I am only in England for about four more weeks, since my program is set up in blocks (students can choose a new city for each block, my first being London and my second being Berlin), and even though I’m excited for a new city, I am for sure going to miss it here in London a lot. So far, I have realized many things: everyone is way better dressed than I am (specifically with boots and scarves), people here love the Queen, and the people on bikes do not care if a double-decker bus gets 2 inches away from them 🙂

Currently, I am planning on doing a few weekend trips with my friends, which is so exciting!!! I’m going to Paris this coming weekend, and other city trips to Amsterdam and Vienna are also in the works for the coming weeks. Being abroad is truly wild and it’s been an amazing experience so far, and even though I love London and city living, I miss my family and friends and I wish they could have been able to come with me!

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