Life after two months.

It is officially two months since my first post in Barcelona. That is such an incredibly long time for it to still feel like it was just yesterday I was lugging my bags down what was then random cobblestone streets. I don’t understand how so much time has passed. I heard time and time again this is going to be the best experience of my life. So many people told me that I going to “find myself” and come back with skills I most likely would have never learned in the states. What I didn’t realize is that it’s true. I wasn’t expecting to be this happy all of the time. I knew life here was going to be filled with new adventures, but I am still constantly amazed by the smallest of things. Of course everything isn’t perfect every single day. There are negative things that happen and challenges I have needed to face, but I’m learning so much. Even sometimes enjoying the obstacle at hand. Every unusual situation I find myself in has shown me how well I can handle my life and myself. You become so innovative while abroad.

For example finding simple things is often far more complicated than you want it to be. And funny enough the language barrier is actually not the most difficult part.

Although it was interesting when finding Q-tips required a five-minute pantomime of cleaning my ears…

First off you have to find out where the things are sold. Luckily in Barcelona things are labeled pretty conveniently. A frutería is literally translated to greengrocers and that is where you can find all the fruits and veggies your heart desires. A panadería is a bakery and a papelería is a supply store like Staples. Which is super obvious when you think about the fact pan is bread in Spanish and papel is paper. What is a little bit more complicated is getting used to the different products offered at these stores. Or even the different labeling of the few similar things they have that are also sold in the US. The worst are products that have a name that in Spanish sounds and looks so very different than English.

But there’s something about navigating through streets you’ve never seen before on the search for a particular store or restaurant. Even though half the time you are just hoping to get to your destination. There’s something about getting so very lost and having to snag a map from a convenience store so you can find your way back to the metro. And then once on the metro you need to find the right stop. This exploring makes for such great experiences. Especially because sometimes you can’t find the place you’re looking for and you find something even better. I have found some of the best restaurants while lost. You just need to be confident enough to walk into the most delicious looking places you pass along your way.

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