The One Where We Went On Spring Break pt. 2

After a week of living solely off of cheese, bread, pasta, gelato, and red wine, we said goodbye to Italy, packed up our memories in our suitcases (surprisingly mine fit even with a broken bag and Ryanair’s shady luggage policies), and headed to Greece.


Since the whole bag breaking situation at Ryanair in Italy (previous blog post for details), I’ve had to unpack my entire bag, “fix” it temporarily, and then repack in every airport we go to. So we were already off to a bit of a bumpy start.

The day continued after we took a nap and showered. We stopped to look at the Acropolis and ancient ruins before dinner, which were breathtaking, even with the pouring rain. According to my Greek knowledge (from My Big Fat Greek Wedding) the ruins could probably be fixed with a little Windex.


We couldn’t check into our Airbnb for another two hours, so we found a little coffee shop and took a nap, ate sandwiches, and tried to ignore the smell of the old men smoking cigarettes inside the shop.

We got lost, called our contact, and then finally met with our Airbnb host (who looked exactly like Pit-bull, but he didn’t agree or understand why I called him Mr. Worldwide) who led us to where we were supposed to meet him in the first place. We followed him up the road and down the cliffs and were in disbelief at our apartment. I still think someone just played a joke on us, because this was the most amazing view on the entire island and I’m sure of it!

Our first day we walked down to Thira for dinner, shopping, and watched the sunset along the cliffs. Of course the ATM ate one girl’s credit card during the day, because it would be too easy for us to have a day go off without a hitch.

We sailed around the islands, listed to music, and kept thinking, “How can any of this be real?” The phrase of that day had to be “This is it guys. It doesn’t get any better than this. We’ve peaked. #Peaking” Despite the breezy weather, we got into our bathing suits, jumped into the freezing water, and swam towards the volcanic hot springs

For lunch, we had homemade, authentic, Greek food and amazed the crew by how much we actually eat. It was by far the perfect day, and the highlight of my spring break! 10/10 would recommend going sailing in Santorini.


Spring break came to an end as we headed back to London. We were only delayed by a seven our layover in Athens. We were so tired at that point that we spent the whole day in McDonalds in the airport. It was an amazing trip and an amazing opportunity to travel as much as I have! But no matter where I go, or how much fun I had, I’m always happy to go home to London.

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