The Happiest Place on Earth

There is a musical essence to Irish culture that swept me up almost immediately when I arrived in Cork seven weeks ago. People in the street, at school, in shops, pubs, the park, and wherever I find myself, all seem to be connected by a never-ending positivity expressed through song. Whether the presence of songs is in the traditional Irish music played across the street from my student accommodation, or simply by a local couple singing in a coffee shop, there is a physical movement of the Irish culture that communicates the happiest of feelings. This cultural personality trait is easy to adopt, and I can see that all the friends that I have made from countries outside of Ireland have found a way to make the music of happiness a part of their everyday life here. After living and learning in Cork City for seven weeks I feel almost local. Everyone I have interacted with has greeted me with such excitement and joy, making me feel as if I have somehow always lived in Cork.  

I have seen a great deal of the country through my Early Start Class in Archaeology, and I am continuing to grow my knowledge of Cork history and culture through my classes that have recently kicked off for the fall semester. The county of Cork, and Cork City itself, are a great place to be living because of the authentic Irish culture that thrives in the South and West of Ireland. The Irish language is spoken in many parts of Cork, and I have been able to interact with the national language almost every day at UCC and by simply walking through town. The Irish capacity for being happy and having fun are accentuated on UCC’s campus, which is alive with school spirit and endless opportunity to get involved. I have recently had my first few tennis practices with the UCC club team, and some of my new Irish teammates have played tennis is Newport ironically! Connecting with people in Ireland is effortless!

Every single day has been a good day, and I am so happy to be here!  

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