The End of an Era


That is what stands between me and summer vacation. Truth be told, most of my time abroad has felt like a very mild vacation. My classes weren’t as demanding and I got to travel on the weekends; basically this semester felt like a really long spring break.

I have one week of classes left and I cannot believe that my time is almost done as a study abroad student. My family will be meeting me in Barcelona after finals to start our family travels through Spain, Portugal, and Morocco so I won’t actually be returning to the states until the second week of June. Although I won’t be physically leaving this continent (other than for our Morocco travels) until June, this chapter in my life is slowly coming to a close.

It’s baffling to think that almost four months ago I felt like my time here would never end and here I am, a week and a half out, and I can’t believe it’s almost over. Part of me is so incredibly excited to be back home and have the opportunity to share everything I’ve experienced and learned with my family and friends, but the other part of me is so sad. Sad to be leaving a place I consider my second home. Sad to be leaving my newfound friendships. Sad to be closing this chapter of my life.

Although I will miss this place a lot, I will never forget how this city made me feel. Whenever I returned from a weekend trip and I stepped foot in Seville, I always took a breath of fresh air because it felt really good to be home. There’s no way to explain how this place makes me feel other than happy. I have finally found a place in the world where I feel truly content.

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A view of Seville, Spain from the top of La Giralda.

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