The End is Near

My time here is rapidly coming to an end. A natural response is to reflect on my experience in Barcelona. Of course it is nothing like I expected, as nothing seems to be. It is difficult to put this experience into words, but I know I will return not the same as I was before. The self growth only becomes obvious in the moments that I have done things that would not have done in the past. Although small, they have become some of the more significant memories. Before coming here, I could never imagine inviting myself on stage to sing with a band, navigating a new city by myself, inviting a professor to coffee, or attending a chorus practice in a language completely foreign to me. Things that I would imagine as uncomfortable or challenging, on the other hand have become insignificant. Although I am so lucky to attend college, I now have a new appreciation of what can be learned through travel. You gain something that can’t be obtained in a classroom. The mix of the two is a beautiful combination that makes the opportunity to study abroad an unbelievably stimulating privilege. There is still a month left or there is only a month left. I have done everything or I have done nothing. These are some of the inner turmoils I am confident all study abroad students can relate to. The clock is ticking. Live in the moment. Enjoy this country. Don’t fail your classes. Take advantage. And lastly, let gratefulness overflow from the beauty around you..then it will truly be a good experience.

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