planning service trip

Since Hurricane Katrina hit, I have been down to the Gulf Coast eight times with the Youth Leadership Council of a group called the Howell PAL (Police Athletic League). I have chaperoned various trips, including several leadership conferences across the country, for them and more recently, started a dance studio this past summer for them back home in New Jersey.

Since they have done so much for me, and since I want to do something that truly makes a difference for people in need while I am here in Costa Rica, I am currently in the process of planning a service trip for them (for about 30 high school students?)

Here are some details of the potential (and hopefully definite) PAL service trip to the Island of Venado.

Stay on Venado Island in cabins for two nights during our service work.

1. Fix up the community center for the youth of the island (paint, garden, whatever they need us to do). Details to come.

2. Hand out various supplies (each volunteer can pack an extra suitcase filled with supplies? soap, toothpaste, clothes, shoes, soccer balls for the kids, etc.)

possibly run a general hygiene session?

3. We will also go on a fishing trip to learn how the locals fish and assist them in fishing the next day


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