Over a Month!

I have been here over a month! I cannot believe it! It’s also difficult to comprehend the amount of places in, around, and outside of Seville that I have seen. I did not know that one could experience such wonders in such a short amount of time. I cannot imagine how much more awaits me before my program ends. With my program, I have visited the Real Alcazar (an lavish moorish palace in Seville), the Cathedral of Sevilla, the Italica (Roman ruins just outside of Seville), and a weekend trip to Granada. Some sites  that I have visited by myself are the Plaza de Espana, Parque de Maria Luisa, and the Belles Arte Museum. Of course, I intend to do more, but this is the start.

There are so many differences that I notice about Spain compared to the USA. I did my best to educate myself about many differences before I arrived in Spain, but if there is one thing I have learned from experience is that no matter how hard you prepare yourself, there is always going to be new things that you had not expected to add to your knowledge bank. For instance, I knew quite well that Spaniards tend to eat dinner really late (10pm or so) and that the climate is warmer than our New England weather. However, I did not realize that the traffic (cars, motorcycles, etc.) would move faster than the speed of light. It’s especially scary in the the narrow streets (literally only one car-width worth of room) when the vehicles go really fast. I have gotten use to it though. It was mostly scary at the beginning of my program. Also, I got lost very easily at the beginning of the program. The streets are very circular and not set up like say, New York City, where it is relatively easier to figure out. It is because I live in the old part of Sevilla in which the streets are still similar to more ancient times.

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