Mooloolaba & Wet ‘N Wild!

After many long and hot days I finally made it to the beach. IT took far too long to make it there, but I promise you the Mooloolaba Beach did not disappoint. The beach curled around like that of a crescent moon and the ocean seemed to go on forever. The waves came in and crashed like it was Watch Hill. It took me back to my childhood! The day consisted of throwing a(n) ((American)) football back and forth making diving catches into the waves. If anybody was wondering….yes I am aware I’m seven years old. This was followed by a nice little run up the beach that, while offering a great chance for photos, it also made me drenched in sweat, which in retrospect is better than the snow of New England. However the absolute highlight of my day was lunch time. We went to a little bar and grill just off the beach. We had seats overlooking the beach, with cricket on the tv, and an ice cold Corona and lime in hand. It was the most refreshing thing in the world, and it was bought legally! Following a mammoth steak burger we returned to the beach, and screwed around with the football in the water once more. By this time, my skin was already becoming red, but it was easily ignored. But wait the best part is coming! Once I came back in I decided to lay down and do something somewhat productive; read Game of Thrones! So I lied on the beach reading Game of Thrones. Soon enough it was time to go. By this time my body was completely red thanks to the sun. My entire back and stomach, except for a small rectangle on my chest from the shadow of my book, was red. Like redder than a lobster. This made getting to bed a huge pleasure that night! 🙁

After a nice Saturday on the beach, Sunday morning brought brighter sunburn, and a trip to Wet ‘N Wild on the Gold Coast! Wet ‘N Wild is a huge water park about two and a half hours from Sippy Downs. Basically, this would be ideal…but if I received anymore sunburn I think the gods would make me dawn the black and send me to the wall. At 7 am we left campus and made way for the water park. On the way, we saw more police on the highway than there are in the town of Old Saybrook. I was Shocked. Not only that, but we also made my first trip to Macca’s (McDonalds) in Australia. Other than the prices being a bit higher than America, it was pretty similar. We got back on the road and before long we were at Wet ‘N Wild. We were basically first in line and we sprinted to the first rides. The five us there, basically lived like we were 12 year olds again and rode every ride at least once. Whether it was racing down the waterslides or laughing at the girls for screaming their heads off, it was a great day. And after we were pretty much burned out, it was time to go. Before we made it back to campus, we had one last pit stop to make; Krispy Kreme<3. After the first week of classes, it was an awesome way to relax. It’s safe to say things got moist and crazy and an awesome weekend. I can’t wait to see what my second weekend here has to offer!066

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