La primer dia en mi casa nuevo..

Today we left San Jose around nineish to head to Cartago, a town in the province of Heredia, near San Joaquin.  In Cartago we stopped at the Lankeester Botanical Garden and it was absolutely beautiful.  We were warned, however, that this was only a small portion of the natural experience Costa RIca has to offer.  The gardens housed hundreds and thousands of species of plants, most of which I had never even seen before.  There were waterfall and forests and it was absolutely gorgeous.  After, we all headed to the Instituto for the first time to meet out host families.  Both my mama y papa tico were there waiting for me and they are so cute!!!!  They have been telling me since I got here that we are all a family and this house is my house etc, its so refreshing.  People are not as nice in America as they are here.  I couldnt imagine an American taking in a foreign student, feeding them 3 times a day and still just being unbelievably hospitable.  I am content.


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