It’s not always sunny in Costa Rica

I had an idea for this blog post, and it may seem a little unconventional but I think it is something that many people preparing for study abroad need to hear.
So here we go, brace yourselves because this may come as a surprise to you!

You will not always have great days while studying abroad.

Wow, I feel like a weight is lifted off my shoulders after admitting that. But seriously, I came into this program thinking that if I didn’t make every single day great then I wasn’t experiencing this opportunity to the fullest. So here is a short list of some things I have come to realize that you may find useful while abroad:

1. As important as it is to schedule activities and adventures, it is equally important to schedule time for sleep. (You forget you need to sleep)
2. Sometimes it is the littlest thing that makes you question your decisions, like if you can’t find good pizza near you. Why am I here? What am I doing? Should I just disappear into the mountains and live my life as a bird watcher? (No…at least not at this point in your life)
3.If you spend everyday trying to make sure you have a great day you will exhaust yourself.

What I have learned so far is happiness and wonder will come naturally while exploring a new country. You can’t force it! If you look at other’s study abroad trips and have these ridiculously high goals for yourself in yours, you will feel as if you failed if you do not reach them. But when you let go of control and allow yourself to be submerged in the simply beautiful life your are given Chinese kites then you will exceed any expectations you had for yourself/your trip.

I am halfway done with my studies here and as always, I am thanking God everyday for all of the people who have brought me here. It may seem hard, the process to get here, the journey, the arrival, but it will all be worth it.


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  1. Mary Brown March 15, 2016 at 12:28 am #

    This is a great post. I think the topic is greatly overlooked and after I studied abroad I really regretted not preparing more students for the reality of abroad. Looking back, you will most likely only think of the wild, fun, and positive times you had and want to share with people. But honestly, the semester is full of all emotions and thoughts that many students haven’t had to think about beforehand. I definitely relate with this blog and think you are doing a wonderful job of self-reflection while being abroad-which is super significant. You’re going to get so much out of this semester and I am incredibly jealous! Keep staying present and enjoying each day in Costa Rica!

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