It’s Finals Week #1 and that Means Coffee, Coffee and More Coffee.

This weekend I decided to keep it local. Thirty minutes outside San José is Heredia,the smallest of Costa Rica’s provinces, where some friends and I went on the Britt Coffee Tour.

According to Britt, Café Britt was founded in 1985 as the first gourmet coffee roaster in Costa Rica. Britt’s CoffeeTour has educated and entertained more than a million visitors since 1991. During the two hour tour, we learned many coffee secrets such as, the harvesting season for coffee, that it’s always better to pick beans by hand, and how to make and drink your coffee to obtain maximum flavor. It was one of the best tours I think I’ve ever been on. Sometimes you think that tours like these would be boring, however Britt knows exactly what they are doing. At the end of the tour, they let you taste free samples of their perfected blends of coffee and chocolates.

Hi! I'm Kim the Coffee Picker!

Hi! I’m Kim the Coffee Picker!

Our taxi cab driver, Rolan, was really cool and he was a blessing to have during our visit to  Heredia. We even got his number so we can call him next time we go. After he picked us up from Britt, he told us that It was great coffee, but it was perfected for the Gringos and that we can pick up local coffee which is just as good in the grocery stores, well, because it’s Costa Rica.

Overall, it was an awesome experience! Thanks Britt!

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