Halfway There

I cannot believe it, but my time in London came to an end on Monday as I moved onto the second half of my study abroad experience in Berlin, Germany. Coming into the city I honestly had no idea what to expect, other than the knowledge of the love for various meats and cheeses that I came to understand from the stories that my (German) grandmother told me. And let me tell you, was she right. I’ve only been in Germany for three days, but I’ve eaten meat and cheese every day, which is something I honestly do not do back home. Today my body was crying out for something a little more fresh, so I got myself a salad for lunch and called it a day.

So far, I’ve managed to figure out the public transportation here, mostly because I was forced to. I decided to do a homestay while I am here, and where I am living is 6 km (about 4 miles) away from where I go to school, so I decided to figure out the bus and train lines in order to get there faster. Let me tell you, it is honestly the best feeling knowing that I can manage to get around a city as big as Berlin by myself, and it is so nice to know that I can be self-reliant!

As much as I miss my friends in London, I know that I will keep in contact with them for a long time (if not forever), and I am excited to see what my time in Germany has in store for me!

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