Goodbye Sevilla: Thoughts, Experience, Reflections

Hello Everyone,

So my time in Spain has ended and I have had time to enjoy my graduation ceremony, settle in at home and reflect on my time in Spain. Going into the semester I did not have many extravagant expectations. I was planning on going just to enjoy my last semester in another country. What I got out of my semester was more than I had ever imagined.

I think that anyone who goes abroad, no matter where, will take away at least one of three important things. You will either love the culture completely and want to stay, you will appreciate the culture and want to implement some aspects into your life in the states, or you will appreciate your life here in the United States even more after your time abroad. All three are different experiences, but none are negative. I realized that no matter what your experience abroad was there is always something positive to take away.

I also want to say that I am grateful for the study abroad staff here at Salve and the ISA Sevilla team for guiding and taking care of me on my journeys. Both were extremely helpful and easy to contact and approach with questions. Those seeking to go abroad have good resources to contact about information. Oh and parents… know your child or children will be in good hands with the ISA staff and our Salve Regina Study Abroad team.



Charleson (Mick) Pernell

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