Goodbye Budapest, Hungary

Ethan David
5 June 2023
Budapest, Hungary
Blog #2
Saying goodbye to Budapest, Hungary was not easy. The friends I made, the places ive been, and the city itself made it difficult to board the plane home. However, I am happy to see my friends and family again. Once I got home, I laid in bed and reflected on the best four months of my life. Budapest was simply a dream. The places I visited including Montenegro, Croatia, Czech Republic, and Malta were splendid. The food, the people, the culture made each destination unique and fun in its own way. Whether it was a day on a boat or going to the craziest nightclubs in the world, everyday felt special. Although the traveling was fantastic, my host country, Hungary, was my favorite. Everyday something was going on in the city square whether it was a concert, show, or my favorite, a beer festival. During my time abroad, I was constantly snacking and drinking. It is very common in Hungarian culture to be drinking during the day and while doing simple tasks such as homework or while cleaning the house. I definitely enjoyed this lifestyle!
Central Europe, where Hungary is located, is given a false stereotype. Although an ex Soviet ruled state, Hungary today is an illiberal democracy. Although corruption is still prevalent today under Orban Viktor’s rule, Hungary is a very safe country. Students should not fear neighboring Ukraine as Budapest is very far from the fighting. During the semester, I never felt unsafe. Talking to locals, I gaged the situation in Eastern Europe. They were telling me that Hungary is considered an “Eastern European” state due to its political past rather than geographical location. They do not agree with the general public and themselves consider Hungary Central Europe.
To anyone that is hoping to experience a different study abroad from the generic Spain, Italy, and England, I highly recommend Budapest, Hungary. Although those listed locations are great, they do not compare to Budapest’s rich culture and fine nightlife. Corvinus University is a great school and the provider I went though, API, was simply fantastic. They made adjusting to life in a foreign country very easy. My residence director, Gitta Petalits, was one of the kindest and most helpful people I have ever come across in my life. Budapest, Hungary is one of those places that is so easy to fall in love with and trust me you will.

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