Booking Adventures on your Study Abroad Journey

Studying abroad has been such an amazing experience. I am almost two months in, and I feel at home here. The days keep flying by. Limerick and Ireland are gorgeous, but one of the perks about living here is that traveling to other countries is so inexpensive compared to the states. I went to London a month ago, and I will be traveling again at the end of the month. A big part that plays a factor in where and how long you can travel is by living by a budget and learning the cheapest ways to travel. I hope the following tips help!


I know going abroad you think you have so much money that you have saved, and there is no possible way you can go through it all. I wish I could tell you it didn’t run out quickly, but it does. Buying groceries, enjoying the pub scene, especially in Ireland (remember to be responsible), and planning trips adds up so quickly. My biggest piece of advice is to budget. Learn what will last you a while, and what groceries will go bad quickly. For example, in Ireland there are no preservatives in the food so many things I would normally by goes bad THREE DAYS after opening. Plan, write a list for what you want to buy, and set a total amount of money to spend a week on groceries. Trust me you will appreciate this when you look at your bank account.

Tip Two: Make a travel bucket list

Studying abroad is such a wonderful experience and you will want to go EVERYWHERE. I wrote a list of fifteen different countries I wanted to travel to. Obviously, I could not afford to go everywhere but I have a lot planned. Ryanair is very cheap airfare and will get you to most places for a good price. Also, hostels are a great find, but don’t forget to look at Air BNBs! Make sure you check out the price per person, location, reviews on cleanliness, and anything else you can be concerned about. Trains and subways are great to go from city to city or country to country. They can be expensive, but if you look hard enough you can look for a good deal. I used the underground system in London to go to Camden Market, and it was painless and cheap. To get the most out of your trips I recommend using the breaks or long weekends, so you get the most for your money versus cramming a lot of travel in a three-day period.

Tip Three: Go in groups!

If you are confident enough to travel by yourself I am very impressed, but it may not be the safest option, and may not be the cheapest. If you go in pairs or groups of four or five you can find great options for cheaper tours, hostels, and you’ll have people you trust to take pictures for you!

Make the most out of your study abroad experience and spend your money and time wisely. This is a once in a lifetime experience so go and experience everything you can!

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