big toe is mistaken as fish by shark first day volunteering at marine park

cleaning the algae off of shanada the sea turtle (she is missing a fin)

shanada eating (you can see on the left she lost her fin)

the shark tank that i clean (you can see one of the shark’s fins towards the top of the picture)

ok so now here is an explanation of the caption of this post (big toe is mistaken as fish by shark first day volunteering at marine park):

my friend julia and i volunteer at the marine park every week and the first day we arrived, we were assigned to clean the shark tank. everything about this is pretty awesome, except, the fact that the sharks are not taken out before humans go in, is slightly sketchy (particularly first- time volunteers with absolutely no shark experience whatsoever except for what they have seen on shark week once a year). On top of everything, our trainer barely spoke English. But what Julia and I did get out of the training session was that, as long as we don’t make any sudden movements or kick the sharks, they will leave us alone (false). So all of the sharks start congregating around Julia and harassing her and of course I get jealous (bad idea) so she ends up starting to slightly panic anyway (they were literally swarming her and it was getting pretty old) so we end up switching spots so I can get in on some of the shark action. So as im casually scrubbing the wall, two sharks come over to me and start hitting into my legs and like sucking/nibbling on my boots (which I thought was cute/harmless/cool so I let it continue). All of a sudden, one of them bites down on big toe through my boot and starts pulling (<- This is when the caption of this post comes in. My big toe was mistaken as a fish by the shark). I took my boots off to see if I lost my big toe or not, but nope, still there. If I had to go through the pain and suffering of the bite, there might as well have been a sweet scar or battle wound! For the next few hours I kept checking out my throbbing toe to see if anything would appear… but nothing.

At least now I can say I was bit by a shark in costa rica, ill take it.








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