As corny as it sounded, they spoke the truth.

I would consider myself a a skeptical person. That is why I questioned everyone that said “This will be the best experience of your life!” or “You will not come back as the same person!”. I knew I would change. How could living in a foreign country not change you? I just didn’t expect it to be so apparent after less than a month of being away from the life I grew accustomed to. I like to go into new situations with an open mind and no expectations whatsoever, so that is exactly what I did upon coming to Barcelona. The reaction of excitement and enthusiasm hadn’t set in for me before I left. It just felt..normal. I began to wonder what was wrong with me as people looked as if they were going to die of excitement from my upcoming experience. Looking back on my time here is when my excitement really sets in. I know I will not come back as the same person. This experience has shown me the importance of avoiding routine. My theme for this month has been to do/see something different every day. The world has too much to offer to stay in one place all the time. There are two places you can choose between which are your comfort zone and the place where the magic happens. I have accomplished so many things that seem small, but are monumental because they are new to me. I have existed and I have lived…study abroad has shown me the difference.

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