All the Way Back Home

After returning home from studying abroad in Spain for the past four months, I first had a feeling of relief. The realization that I was back in a familiar place was comforting because I was no longer living on my own all the way in Europe. However, as the days of summer began happening, I slowly began reminiscing through my camera roll from all my adventures, wondering if it was all real, and it sure was. As I am getting back to my daily processes here at home, I am thinking about my daily habits abroad and sometimes get confused as to what I should be doing. I have come back home with a new sense of thinking when it comes to daily activities; I want to live each day to the fullest and be doing everything I can do in a day, just as I would do abroad in order to not waste a single moment. I will be forever thankful for the opportunity I had to study abroad and for all the experiences and memories I will carry forward with me throughout the rest of my life.

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