A spoonful of dulce de leche helps the midterms go down

Full disclosure, I have been absolutely awful at keeping this blog updated.  The reason for this is my hatred of writing, not my lack of being enamored with Buenos Aires.

As of today, May 13th 2016, I am officially done with midterms.  Midterms in May?!  Sí.  The southern hemisphere is a strange place, I sure do love it though.

Now, you may be wondering how I survived midterms while all my friends are either posting sunny graduation pictures or posts about how summer has begun.  The answer, kimosabe, is little Argentine secret that I’ma let you in on; Dulce de leche. This sweet treat has become a part of my life like I never would have expected.  In many ways, it is similar to the caramel we all know and love, but the Argentines have found a way to make it about 10x more delish, bless their souls.

It is practically impossible not to encounter this stable food everywhere you go in this great city.  Breakfast?  Banana with dulce de leche.  Lunch?  Finish that meal with an alfajor (a dulce de leche filled pastry).  Dinner?  dulce de leche mousse for dessert.   Crying about your midterms?  Grab a spoon and a carton of dulce de leche and go to town on that bad boy.  I am not embarrassed to admit that one time I completely forwent the spoon and just used my finger.  #noshame

This new sweet has worked its way into my soul, and there is no way I won’t be bringing some home to force upon my friends and family.  Get ready for a new addiction amigos.

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