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4 Reasons to Stay in a Hostel

By | Hannah Lussier Back in the fall of 2016, as I sat in pre-departure meetings for study abroad, I listened with confusion as the word “hosteling” was dropped into conversations about mid-stay travel opportunities. Having never heard the term before, I mistakenly assumed that it was just fancy traveler terminology for staying in a […]

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El signo parque nacional torres del paine

The Ups and Downs of Travel in Chile

By Hannah Lussier Before I left my cozy hometown in Western Massachusetts to travel to Viña del Mar in Central Chile, I was congratulated by many a friend and family member for my “brave” choice to study abroad in Latin America. Many times I questioned the reason for that word: brave. I wondered whether or […]

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Living in the Heart of Chile

By | Hannah Lussier As I flew over the Andes Mountains in the early morning hours on February 15th, I could already tell that it would be easy to love living in Chile. The sun reawakened my sense of adventure as I left the stressful environment of the Santiago airport and breathed my first breath […]

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I am the Sixteen Percent

By Hannah Lussier Since I decided to study abroad in Chile about a year and a half ago, I have been excited to announce my plans to anyone who would listen. In the process, I learned that I had unknowingly placed myself among a unique group of students. My new reality is that less than […]

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