Bilbao, Spain!


First off I would like to start my blog by thanking everyone that helped me get here!

My name is Daeshiana Howard and I am a junior studying Marketing and Business. I chose to come to Bilbao, Spain because I always had a desire to be here, and now I am.
IMG_6268I have been in Spain since September 1st, and so far things have been great! I have made a great group of friends and already exploring Spain. So far I have visited San Sebastian, Navarra, and going to either France or Santander this weekend. For San Sebastian I just went with some friends and we did a hike up to the Big Lord statue and explored the city. As for Navarra, I went with my program. There we went cliff repelling, cliff jumping, and rock climbing all in wet suits. We also, had the chance to go to a famous witch cave and wine tasting!


A daily routine for me is to wake up around 7am to go to class from 9am-1:05pm, and I love my classes.  After that I get some pinchos (mini sandwiches) from the area and the rest of the day is free. Usually I would come back home drop off my school stuff and head to the beach or back to explore the city. Then at night I go out with some friends.

There have been a couple of cultural norms that shocked me. First, that people drink wine with everything and they are exposed to it at a young age! Also, the children here are always outside. Its amazing because I feel like kids in the United States are so attached to technology. However here they are either in the park, skating ring, or the beach. Another norm is that people here tend to be less polite. When someone wants to move past you they do not say “excuse me” they just move you.  Lastly, the time difference. Here in Spain they eat lunch around 1 o’clock and dinner around 9 o’clock. It may not sound like too much of a change, but it is.

Being abroad has been both rewarding and sometimes sad at the same time, and I knew both feelings were coming. I am exited for what ever comes next and will keep you guys informed!

Adios 🙂


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