Mi nueva casa

Hola mis amigos! Somehow I have already been here for almost dos sermanas..two weeks!!? Tiempo vuela!..that’s a new term I learned today meaning time flies! I already feel like I am home here. The people, the school, the culture..I love it. I have already explored so much in my time here..I can not wait to see what I have done in three months. Let me catch y’all up on the places I have been. The first few days I spent in a hotel with a group of 14 strangers from all around the US..who I now can call mis amigos. From the first night, even after being tired from traveling I knew this trip was going to be amazing. We had dinner at the Tiquicia Restaurant where I enjoyed some new foods, followed by a dance performance by some tico’s!(Costa Ricans). It such a perfect way to begin this adventure. The restaurant was set up high overlooking all of the city of San Jose at night..a view I will never forget. The next few days we explored the city as a group stopping by the National Theatre, the Central Market, and the Cathedral. Then we checked out a few other sites as well. Then came the 6th; time meet mi host familia. Mi host mama se llama Marta. (Her name is Marta). Yo tango dos roommates de Estados Unidos tambien! (I have two roommates from the United States, also!) I am pretty sure I wrote that right..I have learned so much already, I’m trying to practice as much as I can! Yo tango a roommate que se llama Jessica. Ella es de Oregon,y mi otro roomate se llama Regina. Ella es de New Jersey. (I have a roommate whos name is Jessica. She is from Oregon and my other roomate her name is Regina. She is from New Jersey.)Marta, Jessica, y Regina son muy simpaticas! (Very nice).I really like them all!I can’t wait to see how far I have come in three months with not only my adventures and stories, but the language as well. Over this past weekend I went with Jessica and a bunch of our friends to a really cool wildlife center where we saw sloths, iguanas, turtles, butterflies, and the beautiful nature that surrounds us here. Sunday we hit up the beach in Puntarenas, so amazing to be swimming in January- I have been “craving” to do so since August!! Pictures to come soon. Oh and yes, classes are going just swell here, of course! So far Costa Rica, te amo. Pura Vida!

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