Why I chose to study abroad in Australia

Hey guys, so a part of my Study abroad program requires me to keep a blog while i’m overseas. If you’re reading this now, than thank you, but at the same time i don’t want anyone to feel obligated to keep up with it. My first post is one that was given to me by Salve Regina University. Why did i choose to study abroad? The biggest reason i chose to study abroad was because of my sister, Katherine. She had a fantastic experience abroad in Cyprus and she made countless new connections and friends. When she came home she told me that i had to study abroad, and that it wasn’t up for discussion. So i figured, i would get to see a place that i have never been before, meet new people, and experience a different culture, and how can you say no to that?

Next is the where i chose to study abroad. IF you asked me a week ago, or months ago, when the trip was already in place what i was expecting i couldn’t really give you a straightforward answer besides warmth and kangaroos. I couldn’t picture myself in a country ive never been in. But i chose Australia for this reason: I reckoned that study abroad would offer me the best, and cheapest way to experience Australia than any other trip i’d be able to plan in the future. I had strong desire to go to Europe, but i figured that was more likely to be accomplished later in life than Australia. So, coming from the wintry Northeast the 80 degree weather of Australia was welcomed with open arms.

I’m thrilled to see the natural wildlife of Australia and also its natural beauty. I’ve been Australia for about 24 hours now, and everyone i’ve met thus far is really friendly. They even made me try my first spoonful of Vegemite, which has yet to grow on me. So far there have been two things that have kind of thrown me off in Australia, first, the use of metric system. Why America has to use their own system from the rest of the world is beyond me, and at this point, i can only chalk it up to stubbornness and pride. The second thing is drinking. The drinking age is 18 and everyone usually has a drink in their hand at night. I guess this is just because i’m not 21 yet, but it was bit odd for me walking into a liquor store and being able to buy alcohol. But other than that, life isn’t too different. You see a lot of stuff tht is named slightly different to its American counterpart, (Hungry Jacks = Burger King) especially in the cereal aisle. I’m expecting a great semester, with some great people, and i hope i can take in everything ‘stralia has to offer, so for now, good day mate.

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