Por que Sevilla?

Choosing a country to study abroad is no easy task. Especially if you are like me and have a desire to see the entire world. For me though I have known for years (way before college) that I wanted to study abroad and for as long as I can remember that dream was in Spain.

The Cathedral in Sevilla (yes ,those are orange trees)

The Cathedral in Sevilla (yes ,those are orange trees)

BUT to give a few of my formal reasons here they are:

1-Language: I have always loved Spanish culture, and I also took 6 years of Spanish so I figured I might as well put it to good use
2-Location: I like that travel through other countries is easily accessible
3-Opportunities: more countries = more diverse experiences (see more of the world)
4-Diversity: Seville has a diverse and old background with lots of history, many different influences and amazing architecture (i.e. Pretty Buildings)
5-Recommendations: I have friends who enjoy the city very much
6-Weather: no snow!!! 🙂
7-Site seeing: there are a tourist locations (historic buildings, museums, etc.)
8-Food: Tapas….
9-Lifestyle: you walk everywhere, you take siestas and the nightlife is amazing
10-Homestay: you get to stay with a local family

While in Spain I look forward to making life long friends and global connections.

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